Overall Objective: Students will create a Sketch Book Journal and complete the daily drawing lessons. Inspire sketching / Journaling as well as re-enforcing speed drawing and still life drawing.
Still Life Drawing Class: Students will create a sketch book in class that will hold all of the weeks still life assignments. Student will be required to draw 7 different assignments on 7 of their sketch book pages within the deadline. Instructor is looking for each student to be disciplined and inspired by filling each page with even amount of  line, shape, proportion, perspective, light, and shadow. (See Definitions below)
Each Page in the sketchbook will have one challenge for each day. The challenges are listed below: “Subject to Change according to teacher discretion” and in no specific order.
1. Something in the art room
2. Drawing “Live Model”
3. A Landscape
4. A Tree
5. A rock or rocks
6. A friend or part of a friend
7. Technology
8. A corner of a room
9. The play ground
10. The inside of your locker
11. A Hallway in perspective


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