Welcome to Mister Riggs Graphic Design & Basic Skills Class!

I am excited to be a part of teaching basic computer skills and art on the computer to not just middle school students this year, but to teaching k-5 basic computer art instruction as well as the tools necessary to function on a mac computer. In my computer skills class I will be using a multitude of web resources as well as the adobe packages (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Programs). This website is an ongoing work in progress that will help my students access materials and resources quickly.

My goal is for my students to build confidence in the software and develop their creative process using the computer as a tool to develop their creative passions.

k-5 Basic Computer Skills:

1. Turn on computer
2. Turn off Computer
3. Log on and off the computer
4. Verbally Identify computer parts:
Keyboard, Screen, Mouse, Computer Volume, Computer Brightness, Headphone jack, Printing command.
5. Access specific curriculum link sites
6. Typing basics: typing name first name and last name, enter, space bar, Delete button.

k-5 Art Computer Skills:

1. Controlling the mouse using hand eye coordination. (Fine Motor Skills)
2. Creating using a multitude of programs to broaden the students horizons
3. Using paint and brushes to create images
4. Using color and understanding the principles of color on the computer (gradients)
5. Using the computer as a tool to be creative
6. Understanding Spacial computer awareness
7. Presentation of computer art

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