Whats in your head Project? Exploring creativity through imagination. Students are introduced to brainstorming to help create ideas

Where have you come from , Where are you going? What’s in your head?

I first talk to students about how brainstorming helps create ideas and inspires creativity to enhance their artwork. I then ask them if we could look inside your brain what would it tells us, what would we see? What things are stored inside your brain that would help us learn about you? What things do you have planned for your future, where do you want to go?

I don’t talk long and ask them to think a bit about what their drawings will be about. I have students record words onto a list (Brainstorming)


-Students will then be instructed to use their imagination and write the first thing down that comes to their head on a separate piece of paper. This will take 15 min. I will guide the students with ideas and helping them explore their imagination.

– Students will draw a profile of their head on a large art paper.

-Students will use word list and combine images with words into their silhouette profile

-Students will use color and sharpies, colored pencils & water color to complete.



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