Title: The Color Wheel
Topic(s): Art, art history, color theory
Materials and Resources: Kerpoof’s Make a Drawing, Vocabulary Key, Student Worksheet, Selected Artwork List, Additional Resources, Large chart/projection of a color wheel Grades: 4-8

Objectives: Students will learn the basic vocabulary of color theory, create their own color wheel in Make a Drawing, and observe/discuss the use of color in famous paintings.

Standards (CA):
1.2 Perceive and discuss differences in mood created by warm and cool colors.
2.2 Mix secondary colors from primary colors and describe the process.
2.5 Use symmetry to create visual balance.
3.1 Explain how artists use their work to share experiences or communicate ideas.
4.4 Use appropriate vocabulary of art to describe the successful use of an element of art in an artwork.
5.3 Identify and sort pictures into categories according to the elements of art emphasized in the works

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