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Week 1


Web Design


Day 1 – Welcome & Intro, Classroom Rules, Introduce  expectations


Day 2 – Locating assigned computers, Computer checklist, Turn on computer and navigate classroom website (www.misterRiggs.com)


Day 3 – Pre Assessment Quiz, Record Data & student will demonstrate growth. Review tests with students and get student feed back. Record test scores in notebook then demonstrate how students will use test as an instruction tool for student to gain knowledge over terminology. Students will be using  www.w3schools.com  as a reference site to complete test at a 100% completion rate. They will be given 4 days to complete test at 100% rate.


Day 4- Setting up {Terminology Note Book} and expectations {Construct Notes}


Day 5- History of HTML Lesson & Why web design? Class discussion led by instructor about real life web situations.

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