Chinese Calligraphy Lesson

Day 1 Monday: students log onto the computers and have them translate their name from English to Chinese using (Google Translate on the internet).

– Hand out blank paper to students and put name on their paper. First and last name.

– Explain to students they will be learning about the art of Chinese calligraphy this week but first they need to translate their name onto blank paper using pencil or crayon. Students can design using colors colored pencil & Sharpies if they like.

– Then when complete collect paper so I can have it for easy access and students can use it for their calligraphy project on Tuesday.

-This should take the entire class just to get them on the computers and get things organized. Remind them I am reviewing their work and things need to be clean and organized on their paper.

Tuesday: Introduce Calligraphy, Clean up rules, Tools & equipment.

Wednesday: Students complete designing their name in traditional Chinese calligraphy

Thursday-Friday: Work on traditional Chinese bamboo painting. Complete on Friday




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