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How to Draw Realistic Hair You just might be wondering “I’ve mastered realistic bodies, but gosh! How do I do hair?” These simple steps with help you make your creations have realistic hair Steps After you draw a simple head and shoulders think about what type of hair style you want your creation to have […]

8th Grade {Eye} Project we can all probably draw the human eye, we draw the oval shape with the iris and pupil. I consider that to be a basic sketch of the eye. Before you draw a realistic eye you must first study what it really is. I will post a closeup picture of an […]

Mr. Riggs “POW” Factor, This method I created to increase the intensity of color value and form in my students work. “POW” Art Elements: Value (Lighter to Brighter) Form (2 Dimensionality of Objects) Color (Place color strategically) Space (Use the entire paper)  

Overall Objective: Students will create a Sketch Book Journal and complete the daily drawing lessons. Inspire sketching / Journaling as well as re-enforcing speed drawing and still life drawing. Still Life Drawing Class: Students will create a sketch book in class that will hold all of the weeks still life assignments. Student will be required to draw 7 different […]

Using this exemplar rubric student will be designing their own custom optical illusion design. This design will test the ability of each student to develop forms that look as if they are jumping off of the page. This organic design takes precision, concentration, & creativity. The student will be graded on use of:  line & form, color […]

      This design will automatically be entered into next years CP cover planner competition. The middle school staff will be selecting 4 designs from this years 6th and 7th grade class to have a chance to be on the cover of next years planner. This would mean your art work will be published! […]

  Vincent van Gogh: Starry Night A Brief Understanding of the Starry Night Paintings. Starry Night by Van Gogh Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh has risen to the peak of artistic achievements. Although Van Gogh sold only one painting in his life, the aftermath of his work is enormous. Starry Night is one of […]

“The public is hardly aware that Van Gogh created a series of paintings of sunflowers,” says Leo Jansen, a curator at the Van Gogh Museum and editor of the artist’s letters. “For nine out of 10 people I tell, it’s news.” “A lot of people know one of the Sunflowers, and don’t even realise there […]

1 Point Perspective with Mister Riggs (3rd Grade) Students will be designing a one point perspective Gold mine / Cabin in the woods using a vanishing point, horizon line, and pen & ink  illustration techniques during this one week lesson. Posted below are some of the results by American Academy students.   What is One […]

 Mister Riggs  First Trimester Castle Pines Campus Completed Projects Collage Poster 2014   

The Great Wave off Kanagawa ARTIST: Katsushika Hokusai Year: c. 1829–32 Type: color woodcut Dimensions: 25.7 cm × 37.8 cm (10.1 in × 14.9 in) 神奈川沖浪裏 Kanagawa Oki Nami Ura, “In the well of a wave off Kanagawa”, also known as The Great Wave or simply The Wave, is an ukiyo-e woodblock print by Japanese […]

Letter Project {Creativity & Color } Using a letter that represents the student ora family name I want my students to create using Color Value, Contrast, Art Principles, Art Elements. I am looking for students to look at the examples to draw inspiration from, but not copy. Background contents will remain white. Student must use a […]

Writing & Art

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Student begins writing in concentric spirals around the head and paper with a continuous ‘stream of thought’ triggered by a prompt such as “I dream about . . .” or “I am . . . .”   Example:  

How to draw FLAMES

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Yes, I admit. To draw flames may not be so easy. But after you see and learn some simple techniques I am showing here, you will draw whatever flames you like. We are going to draw 2 simple pictures of flames. First drawing is a small campfire that I made only by pencil and the second is a symbolic fire or […]

Start by just looking up. Ever since a fellow artist challenged me to include a sky in one of my drawings, I have been keeping my mind in the clouds. I am continually amazed at the beauty of just looking up in the sky! Over the past couple of years, I have been learning the […]

DIGITALLY GUIDED ONE POINT PERSPECTIVE LESSON Objectives:    -Students understands the use of 1 point perspective while designing a room in their house. Student will use the computer program located at: (Located Under 6th Grade) This website is their tutorial for helping them design their creative room. Students also have guided practice […]

Van Gogh Project with Oil Pastels