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My students re create a Romantic style image emphasis in using pencil shading. Below is a description of Romantic art that I explain to my class. Thanks and enjoy 🙂 Mister Riggs American Academy Charter School                                 The Basics of […]

Students use shapes and light to discover how to create contrast and shadows. Students are applying their shading skills while creating an image of a old world boat in the ocean. Before students learn about Impressionism I am having the students re create a Romantic movement picture of a boat. I will transition my students […]

Students have been working on pencil shading this week. For their final 3 day project they are to re create a city over water. Including the reflection of the city in the water. This project will allow the students to explore using contrast in their art.  🙂     Below is an example of light […]

       African Tree Sample for students               Regular black markers morph into beautiful watercolors with the help of a bit of water and a few techniques. An elephant is a perfect subject in which to experiment with this media as the resulting color is a perfect gray. […]

  This was an end of the year project that uses some under the water inspiration. As we used the movie Nemo to help us find colors and ideas to draw creativity from. I was looking for my POW FACTOR (Gradients, Depth, Color Value). This ended up becoming a fun project that built some confidence […]

6th Graders were instructed to design a duck using the grid method. They also were taught hatching. Here are some of the finished pictures! 🙂

                    This is the final drawing of what we’ll be working on. I’ll try to give a detailed explanation of the whole process that i use. Again, study the picture above to get an idea of what you’ll be drawing. It will make much more easier […]

  Drawing Idea List 1. Draw a vase and a beautiful arrangement of flowers 2. Draw a picture of the inside of your stomach and the food in it after a big meal 3. Draw your idea of Paradise 4. Draw a Ocean Animal 5. If animals could draw, what would their artwork look like? […]

My fourth grade students completed these fantastic castles today. I suggested the students use colored markers for the small sections of the castle (windows, flags, banners, doors, etc) and liquid watercolors for the background and castle itself. I really like the subtle nature of the watercolors and it takes much less time to finish. Always […]

 Color Wheel Mixing Students created an abstract painting that has a color wheel hidden inside of it. They were given only red, yellow, blue, and black paint to complete this assignment. Since they were given the three primary colors they were able to mix all of the other colors. Once their color wheel was done […]

      {6 Grade} Pencil Illustration {Point Of View} Subject matter  was selected by instructor {Wrenches / Tools} . Project Description: 1. Students will be asked to divide their art board into 4 sections. Sections do not have to be perfect quadrants. Students can angle their sections if they like. 2. Students will use […]

     Still Life Drawing Techniques {Grade 8}     Still Life in Pencil Still Life is the best subject in art for learning and teaching the skills of drawing and painting. It teaches you how to look at objects and see them like an artist – with a perceptive awareness of their outline, shape, […]

    Project 6: Early American Painting Students Learn about early American artist John Singleton Copley, Paul Revere. Gilbert Stuart, George Washington Portrait. Washington Crossing the Deleware River.  These paintings and artist represent early American history. The significance is very important in understanding the development of art and the art movement of european society compared […]

{Grade8} Architecture Beyond the Industrial Revolution  (Pen&Ink) In eighth grade, students study architecture. This unit provides a great deal of information about well-known international architects and architecture that heavily influenced the United States. The three lessons provide small exercises and one large project to help the students understand that a building isn’t just a building. […]

Tiger Illustration by Jack Gunther Inspiration: For the love of drawing Grade: 8th

Chinese Calligraphy Lesson Day 1 Monday: students log onto the computers and have them translate their name from English to Chinese using (Google Translate on the internet). – Hand out blank paper to students and put name on their paper. First and last name. – Explain to students they will be learning about the art […]

Whats in your head Project? Exploring creativity through imagination. Students are introduced to brainstorming to help create ideas Where have you come from , Where are you going? What’s in your head? I first talk to students about how brainstorming helps create ideas and inspires creativity to enhance their artwork. I then ask them if […]