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After some trial and error I’ve come up with a 3 step process that ends in a nice effect that works on just about any portrait. Here’s a look at what we’ll be creating. I’ve used an assortment of watercolor brushes available here at WeGraphics, including the free set linked below.   Step 1 – […]

  Traditionally the double exposure effect is produced by photographers using nothing but their camera to combine two separate photographs to create an abstract and surreal image. However, we can also mimic the effect in Photoshop, which actually gives us more control over the final output with the ability to adjust and preview the effect […]

Rule of Thirds A Post By: Darren Rowse Perhaps the most well known principle of photographic composition is the ‘Rule of Thirds‘. The “Rule of Thirds” one of the first things that budding digital photographers learn about in classes on photography and rightly so as it is the basis for well balanced and interesting shots. I […]

Black and White Conversions Photoshop and Photoshop Elements offer both destructive and non-destructive black and white conversion techniques. Destructive methods are ones that can’t be re-adjusted afterwards. Once you’ve made the conversion, the only way to change it is to undo the conversion and start again. Non-destructive methods use Photoshop’s adjustment layers. The changes that […]

This tutorial has been produced using Photoshop CS2 on a PC. Step 1: Photo Selection When choosing a photograph for the tilt-shift effect, bear in mind that you want to give the impression of a miniature model. Miniature models are usually viewed from above so try and choose a photo with an elevated viewpoint. Buildings, […]

Create a Colorful Space Scene in Photoshop Final result Here’s the finished illustration. You’re on the moon, or orbiting it, and you get a glimpse of Earth,   Step 1: The backdrop Create a new RGB document and make the canvas square, I used 500 pixels on each side. Fill the canvas with an intense […]

The post-processing stage of photography is definitely the most fun and creative. It’s where you can really transform your otherwise bland and boring photos into really intense images that draw in the viewer. In this tutorial we’ll cover the process of editing your landscape photos in Photoshop to give an epic, almost fantasy style appearance […]