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My students always kick it through the upright! Some excellent product designs by my students a few years back. My students also did this photo shoot! Boom!

Mr. Riggs “POW” Factor, This method I created to increase the intensity of color value and form in my students work. “POW” Art Elements: Value (Lighter to Brighter) Form (2 Dimensionality of Objects) Color (Place color strategically) Space (Use the entire paper)  

  Method1 Using Chalk Pastels Clean your pastels, if needed. Pour uncooked rice or sawdust in a box. Put your pastels inside. Close the box and shake it up. Pastels can get mixed colors on them from rubbing together, making them difficult to tell apart. Choose your grip. Experiment with different strokes on a scrap piece of […]

Photoshop Collage Project

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Grading Rubric Explanation

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Using this exemplar rubric student will be designing their own custom optical illusion design. This design will test the ability of each student to develop forms that look as if they are jumping off of the page. This organic design takes precision, concentration, & creativity. The student will be graded on use of:  line & form, color […]

      This design will automatically be entered into next years CP cover planner competition. The middle school staff will be selecting 4 designs from this years 6th and 7th grade class to have a chance to be on the cover of next years planner. This would mean your art work will be published! […]

The American Academy Parker campus will open an art exhibition featuring all middle school artwork at the Parker campus beginning January 25, on view until February 12. The art exhibit will feature nearly 250 works by all students, including pen & ink illustration, pencil shading drawings & graphic design. Please feel free to stop by […]

Original Art Fundraiser

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Parents & Students, If you would like to participate in Original Works Art Room Fundraiser and did not receive a green baggy containing the paper and order forms. Please contact Mr. Riggs asap and he will give you a packet with blank paper. Return all of your orders by October 25, 2013 to the front […]

Dear  Students When studying for your web terminology exam please be familiar and understand the information provided below. I have personally formatted the exam around the info I have posted on this page. The exam will be 20 multiple-choice questions. worth 100 points.

Denver Design Shop

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Have you ever wondered what Mister Riggs does for a living besides teaching art & design. Since 2004 I have run my own small business branding company. You could say it is a passion of mine. My wife and I develop websites, host, logo development, and design anything else that might help a small business succeed. We love what […]

  The effect we’ll be creating in this tutorial is a realistic topographic map. My original tutorial involved manually drawing the outlines, but this new technique generates much more complex designs with ease. I’ll also show how you can customise the effect to create a range of map styles, and convert the design into a […]

Birth of Photography

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 Photography is a word derived from the Greek words photos (“light”) and graphein (“to draw”) The word was first used by the scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839. It is a method of recording images by the action of light, or related radiation, on a sensitive material.     Pinhole Camera Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham), […]

21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know A Post By: Darren Rowse Some are very basic while others go a little deeper – but all have been selected from our archives specifically for beginners and new camera owners. Enjoy. Introductions to Useful Modes and Settings on Your Digital Camera 1. Digital […]

 Mister Riggs  First Trimester Castle Pines Campus Completed Projects Collage Poster 2014   

Visual Arts Rubric

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  This year we are trying to streamline some of our art rubrics to reduce confusion and create continuity throughout our department. We have worked hard to create a system that will allow growth & allow positive criticism in a very subjective field. By having facial expressions attached to a number of points we are […]

Web Table Set Up

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Student Template For Creating Their Web Sample Using Tables & Rows in Dream Weaver.

  {Web Design Class} ROOT FOLDER SET UP DIRECTIONS SEE JPG FILE FOR DIRECTIONS!!                                 RootFolder