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6-8 Middle School Art Show 2013 WHEN:  Wednesday, April 3, 2013 FROM:  6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. WHERE:  AMERICAN ACADEMY EVERY MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS WILL DISPLAY AT LEAST ONE PIECE OF ART WORK. Mister Riggs will be selecting a few pieces of art work from the AA show to display in the districts.  Ribbons will be awarded to students […]

                  When choosing one product over another, the design of the packaging probably influences your decision far more than you realize. Effective packaging design breaks away from the standard rules and conventions that we are accustomed to, giving the product a unique edge to stand out from […]

Modern Masters: Pablo Picasso – Documentary – Modern Art, Artist   Modern Masters: Henri Matisse – Documentary – Modern Art, Artist Modern Masters: Andy Warhol – Documentary – Artist Jackson Pollock documentary

Design Rubric

Typography With Perspective Today we’re going to take a look at how to use the Perspective Grid in Adobe Illustrator. This awesome and fairly new tool allows you to automatically flow vector elements onto a prebuilt three dimensional grid. You might think that you need to be an artist to use this tool but there […]

Op Art Boxes

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I just got finished having 8th graders design boxes in adobe illustrator for their graphic design class. I decided these could be awesome projects for 6th graders using optical art. So each 6th grader will be designing a box with different illusions on each side. Wish us luck this week!  

DIGITALLY GUIDED ONE POINT PERSPECTIVE LESSON Objectives:    -Students understands the use of 1 point perspective while designing a room in their house. Student will use the computer program located at: (Located Under 6th Grade) This website is their tutorial for helping them design their creative room. Students also have guided practice […]

                       Dreamweaver Web Challenge  (7th Grade Web Class)   Create a 1 page index page using the animal of your choice. The content should be educational and valid. 1. 3 headings -5 points 2. 3 paragraphs – 5 points 3. 3 links to valid source (Challenge: […]

Title: The Color Wheel Topic(s): Art, art history, color theory Materials and Resources: Kerpoof’s Make a Drawing, Vocabulary Key, Student Worksheet, Selected Artwork List, Additional Resources, Large chart/projection of a color wheel Grades: 4-8 Objectives: Students will learn the basic vocabulary of color theory, create their own color wheel in Make a Drawing, and observe/discuss […]

My students re create a Romantic style image emphasis in using pencil shading. Below is a description of Romantic art that I explain to my class. Thanks and enjoy 🙂 Mister Riggs American Academy Charter School                                 The Basics of […]

Instead of creating a color style sheet for there new logo students will apply 4 colors to there logo and apply those logos to 4 sides of the box they create. Students must re create the box template in Adobe Illustrator using my template below. I thought this would be a more creative way to […]

Birch Tree Pencil Project 8th Grade Here is an example of using different pencils and pencil strokes to create a dimensional looking object with texture and shading. I found this drawing I did in 1983 and thought it would be a good example to study. In addition to the pencils themselves, I used paper stumps […]

Welcome to Mister Riggs Graphic Design & Basic Skills Class! I am excited to be a part of teaching basic computer skills and art on the computer to not just middle school students this year, but to teaching k-5 basic computer art instruction as well as the tools necessary to function on a mac computer. […]

       African Tree Sample for students               Regular black markers morph into beautiful watercolors with the help of a bit of water and a few techniques. An elephant is a perfect subject in which to experiment with this media as the resulting color is a perfect gray. […]

  This was an end of the year project that uses some under the water inspiration. As we used the movie Nemo to help us find colors and ideas to draw creativity from. I was looking for my POW FACTOR (Gradients, Depth, Color Value). This ended up becoming a fun project that built some confidence […]

6th Graders were instructed to design a duck using the grid method. They also were taught hatching. Here are some of the finished pictures! 🙂

                    This is the final drawing of what we’ll be working on. I’ll try to give a detailed explanation of the whole process that i use. Again, study the picture above to get an idea of what you’ll be drawing. It will make much more easier […]

                            I’ve always been a fan of bright colorful projects. That’s probably why this project appealed to me the moment I saw it. It’s a pretty simple grid drawing. The students can either use grid paper or make thegrids themselves using a ruler. After […]

Art Standards

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MODEL CONTENT STANDARDS VISUAL ARTS Adopted 11/13/97 COLORADO INTRODUCTION Colorado Model Content Standards for Visual Arts In developing the Visual Arts Model Content Standards for all students, the task force followed the definition of a standard, set forth as follows, by the State of Colorado: “Standards are statements of the academic content each student is […]

How to Illustrate a Luminous Vector Sunset Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Illustrator CS4 CS-5 Difficulty: Intermediate Estimated Completion Time: 3.5 hours Final Product What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial you will learn how to create Vector Sunset, using the RGB color model. Using Art and Scatter Brushes, Gaussian Blur, Gradient Mesh and the Transparency palette, you will create […]