Photography Club



Photography Club Dates in January 
Class dates to be determined


 A few items about the club: 
  1. Starts at 3:35 sharp after school.
  2. Ends at 4:35 Sharp after school.
  3. I will take all students down to the main office and dismiss to their cars from that location.
  4. I understand if there are issues and you are late. If that happens here is my personal cell: 303.359.3244 call me if there is a problem
  5. I will be having snacks: Oreos, Coke, Caffeine,  more caffeine,  water and more cookies of some sort. I have a child with allergies (full blown) I will have these items in a separate area. If your child has allergies and wants their own snack please bring them.
  6. Cameras: I have 12 nice digital cannon cameras for use in class. We will pair up if needed. If you have any sort of camera technology at home the students are more then welcome to bring to class. Please take care of your own equipment.  An iPhone picture won all of districts last year! We don’t need to have $2000 cameras for this class.


Optional Sharing Photos on the web

Not mandatory but an option they do at the high school level is creating a free website on to display your photos.  This web platform is free and allows students to share their work efficiently. You just need a valid email to register your website. Pretty easy to do. If you can make this website, I will display the link on my website for many to view! Who’s in? We can talk about this in my club.


 Dates The Photography Plan
Monday 1/5 Introduction & Snacks, Camera Operation, Objective: Rule Of Thirds, Viewpoint, Students apply knowledge by taking example photos in class.
Thursday 1/8 Objective: Balancing Elements, Symmetry & Pattern, Students apply knowledge by taking example photos in class.
Monday 1/12 Objective: Depth Of Field & Background, Students apply knowledge by taking example photos in class.
Thursday 1/15 Objective: Portrait Photography & Lighting, Students apply knowledge by taking example photos in class.
Tuesday 1/20 Objective: Selecting Photos, Editing Photos, Cropping & Converting to black & White, Contrast, & publishing photos in Photoshop. Printing Photos.
Thursday 1/22 Class Conclusion: Caffeine, Photoshop, Editing selected photos for presentation. Hang photos in main lobby.